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 Post subject: World War III, fourth, I do not see we should brain booster
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:35 am 

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World War III, fourth, I do not see we should not be afraid of animals, but rather people who want in some strange and not wytumaczalny way to stop our development of consciousness, or change it redirect, control it and to optimize the degree of control over people using the appropriate frequency radio waves or magnetism which a person may be subjected, in the end the man also is a machine but sooner BIomaszynÄ… because in the end we feel and we are not robots, Although the system wants, it requires us to obey him see this band of Jews to us who are happy that so easily people let themselves be manipulated and close in no visible Neuro Elite frame (money, hoax, showing half-truths) Every TV channel is controlled by the Jews at the end of each television as chief executive even if tvn / polsat / TVP1 / etc have different offices but one main boss who is a Jew, it is the same with clothing, GMOs, they seriously govern the world do what they like and instill in us a mush of a child. And our real world is much more interesting niches seat in the "robot" and make no tangible income that is the social contract that applies only to people earning and whoever governs prints .. because in the end he controls our energy (money) causes strife, envy, jealousy, anger, prostitution, artificial hunger in the world phi mockery.

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