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Sometimes people find they have an ailment but don’t want to go to the doctor so they need a place to find helpful advice from others who have experienced the same type of symptoms or know of a home remedy. is a place to share health concerns with others just like you before making a doctors appointment.


This is a place for posting General Health and Nutrition questions and receiving support and information from people who have been in your situation.

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Good nutrition is the key to a healthy, happy body and it’s easy to incorporate healthy eating habits into your busy schedule if you know how. You will find good, sound advice from people who have been in your shoes here on


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Perhaps you are a nurse, nurse-practitioner or even a doctor and would like to help others by volunteering your time and special knowledge. allows you to post advice or tell your similar story so that others may learn what to do and what not to do in case they find themselves with a comparable situation.


All help and advice on comes from our members and is meant for informational purposes only.

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