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 Post subject: Sensory Memory In the first stage of memory
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:45 am 

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They contain a compound called glycyrrhizin, that may help slow the effects of aging on the brain and maintain mental sharpness. Oatstraw Avena Sativa or oatstraw has superb nourishing and restorative properties which help improve concentration. This herb improves sleep, mental acuity, and reduces anxiety. Periwinkle The flowering plant periwinkle, may help boost memory. Research shows that periwinkle contains a natural component vinpocetine, that helps carry oxygen and glucose to the brain. Periwinkle may be useful for treating brain disease. Studies in Hungary have shown that periwinkle may improve memory and cognition in healthy individuals and in those in the early stages of dementia. Rose and Lavender They relax the mind and are helpful for individuals with anxiety and depression. Rosemary The smell of Rosmarinus officinalis, or rosemary helps relieve anxiety. Research has showed that it can increase blood flow to the brain, thereby improving concentration levels. This herb is also a stress reliever and an antidepressant. It can help prevent memory loss. It can be added to meat dishes or to bread, buns, and baked food. Sage According to researchers, sage is a good brain food. It has been found to enhance mood and improve memory. It may be helpful for those with Alzheimer's disease. Skullcap It is a good brain herb and is also known as an effective antidepressant. Spearmint Spearmint (Mentha spicata) contains vitamins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients. The herb is rich in limonene, dihydrocarvone and cineole. According to studies, spearmint tea enhances mental alertness. The smell of spearmint increases brain activity and reduces physical and mental fatigue. St. John's wort Extracts of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) are useful for the treatment of depression and mood disorders. This herb is to be used only occasionally. Turmeric This spice helps protect the brain. Research conducted by Greg Cole, associate director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at the University of California, showed that curcumin, which is the yellow pigment in turmeric, can fight inflammation and plaque. Turmeric is said to be of help in preventing Alzheimer's disease. Vacha Vacha is another herb for the brain. It improves memory, helps improve the ability to concentrate, and increases clarity of thought. It can also treat depression and mental sluggishness. Yerba Mate Yerba mate stimulates the nervous system. It contains more than 24 minerals and vitamins. It is said to increase mental alertness and thinking ability, and help boost physical energy. This was a list of herbs that are considered to be of help in improving mental acuity. While some provide temporary relief from stress and mental fatigue, some have long-term effects on brain function. Before using any of these herbs as a remedy for health concerns, the advice of a medical expert or herbalist is essential. The human memory system involves the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information. The model for human memory suggested by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) includes three components called sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. The term 'sensory memory' refers to the first stage of memory that holds on to the incoming sensory/perceptual information. Before the information enters the short-term memory store, the data is acquired by our senses. The senses of sight and hearing hold on to the sensory input for a very brief duration. In fact, the information is retained for the shortest duration in the sensory memory. From the sensory information, only the inputs that you decide to pay attention to, move on to the short-term/working memory. The sensory memory associated with the sense of sight is referred to as the iconic memory, whereas the memory associated with the sense of hearing is referred to as the echoic memory. ... in-formula

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