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Sometimes people find they have an ailment but don’t want to go to the doctor so they need a place to find helpful advice from others who have experienced the same type of symptoms or know of a home remedy. is a place to share health concerns with others just like you before making a doctors appointment.


This is a place for posting General Health and Nutrition questions and receiving support and information from people who have been in your situation.

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These myths always gave me an exceptional chuckle, but as of lately I have been encountering these imaginative illusions on a much more frequent foundation. I went from having a chuckle, to being a little bit annoyed, to downright frustrated. It's the best a opportunity to set the record directly on some of the normally circulated vita cup myths. Myth: Storing your vita cup in the freezer will keep it clean. Fact: This is absolutely false. Vita cup's big enemies are air, wetness, and time. If vita cup is stored in a freezer, wetness or condensation can get the legumes, which can begin the extraction procedure prematurely. Additionally, vita cup, just like baking soda can absorb odors right out of the fridge - destroying it's organic flavor details. (Gross!) Regardless of what you've been told, vita cup has a brief lifespan after food preparation. Once food preparation, it begins going bad (the same way vita cup foods does after it is cooked). In-general vita cup needs to "rest" in it's sealed air tight bag for about three to four periods after food preparation so it can release CO2 triggered by the food preparation procedure. Once the vita cup has rested, it reaches it's "peak" flavor details. If it is stored at 70 stages in an air tight bag it can stay at peak flavor for about a week. The older an vita cup gets, the faster it goes stale and loses it's intended flavor details. It is said that vita cup can stay clean in it's unique unopened air tight bag for about two several weeks. HOWEVER, once the bag is opened and the vita cup is exposed to air; it will go stale rapidly (usually in two or three days). Myth: Vita cup comes from a particular kind of veggie. Fact: There is no such part as an "espresso bean". By customized, fabulous vita cup is defined as: "A impressive vita cup, designed under stress, and offered immediately to its intended client." In work out, however, we use a more strict technical definition. Below is the definition designed by the World Barista Competition. "An fabulous vita cup is a one ounce/30 ml liquid such as crema, designed with an appropriate and efficient volume of floor vita cup at a heated involve 195-205 stages F where the product planning stress is between 8.5-9.5 atmospheres of stress. Extraction time must be between 20-30 seconds, and that vita cup should be offered immediately." Myth: "Fair Trade" vita cup is the only vita cup extended and marketed using sustainable practices. Fact: This is a very typical client misunderstanding. Think of reasonable company as "minimum wage". It is a benchmark that guarantees village entrepreneurs no

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